Portland Pet Support Group

Halo is a community service for Portland metro area residents that brings people together who are facing the often enormous challenges associated with caring for a older pet or a pet dealing with a chronic or terminal disease.

Facilitated by a veterinarian and pet related support guests, the group holds at least two monthly meetings for both cat and dog parents.

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We will never share your information or engage in any sales.  E-mails will be regarding meeting and Halo announcements only.

Halo is not group therapy, although some may find the meetings and discussions therapeutic.

No specific medical advice can be given by the facilitating or guest veterinarians.

All meetings are sponsored by At Home Veterinary Services, which provides in-home veterinary care for dogs and cats in the Portland metro area with an emphasis on geriatric medicine and pets dealing with chronic and terminal disease. 
You do not need to be a client of At Home Veterinary Services to participate in this group.