Halo: Pet Parents Helping Each Other

The name "Halo" comes from our responsibility of being our pet's "guardian angel" through the good times and difficult times.

As our pets age, or when they are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease, sometimes we just don't know where to turn to get support.  Halo gives you the access to others who have been experiencing many of the same things that you are.  Some may have experience and tips to assist you, and other may learn from your experience and insight.  Together the group will be sharing and learning how to live with the often enormous demands day to day care and decision making when it comes to our pets who are faced with the challenges of advanced age and/or disease.

Attendees at the Halo meetings provide peer to peer support on topics such as day to day pet care, ideas for comfort (for your pet and for you), anticipatory grief, and other topics that pet parents may be faced with.

Each meeting is facilitated by Heather Dillon, DVM and/or other pet care related guests.

  • The meetings are free to attend.
  • Attendance may be limited.  Seats are provided on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If meetings are consistently filled, we will look for larger spaces to meet, or we may explore meeting more often.

Meetings are sponsored and meeting space paid for by At Home Veterinary Services a house call veterinary service that provides in-home care for geriatric pets and pets dealing with chronic or terminal disease.  Attendees do not need to be clients of At Home Veterinary Services to attend.